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Quarantined for Life
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If you think it is uncomfortable being stuck with your grandmother for two years while a bat-borne virus wreaks havoc across the land, imagine being on the Supreme Court and your grandmother is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She spares no prisoners with her incessant kindness, pithy one-liners, and humming Puccini arias as she sprints in from the downstairs gym. If you toss a tantrum or sit sullen over lunch, she firmly prods you to settle down and eat what’s on your plate – that’s all you get. What is the most frustrating is that she won’t let the boys to get into food fights, telling them if she had her way, they would all be grand-daughters. If she doesn’t like what you are saying, she will tactfully dissent or pretend she didn’t hear, remarking “Every now and then it helps to be a little deaf.”


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