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Real Life – St. Patrick’s Day
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I had a groovy St. Patrick’s Day on Friday. It began when I saw my physical therapist Danny and he used the ultrasound gadget to massage my foot all the way up my calf, to alleviate any discomfort which I do feel occasionally, but usually not for long. I didn’t realize that the tibial tendon goes from the inside of the foot all the way up to almost the knee. He also said that next week will be my last appointment because I’m doing well. Yay! That does make me happy, but also a little sad because I really like my physical therapist and he will not be around in the fall because he’s retiring. I’ll have to find another one for my left foot, whenever that is.

After the appointment, I met my writer friend Kendall S. Cable in front of my house in person for the first time. We knew each other from Facebook and some mutual classes through Story Summit. I am excited that finally, a writer friend has moved to Eugene Oregon! Our plan was to go for a walk on the neighborhood trail and in the woods. She also got to meet my bf Savoy and Guinness the Cat and then off we went!

Our walk was lovely. The purple crocuses up the street are fully blooming now. And so are the daffodils. I finally spotted some dandelions! I had wondered when they’d arrive. and we trekked up and over the big hill to the other Amazon creek where there’s a bench in a beautiful place next to the creek. I hadn’t been there for months, so I was grateful to go in a different direction. It was fun to talk to Kendall about screenplay writing and our lives. Of course, I had to show her where the two creeks meet near the bridge close to my house. We found these gold coins with four leaf clovers on one side. And a painted rock, but I didn’t take it this time.
We walked almost three miles and plan to get together again soon to walk and also to write!! It’s so much fun to show someone where I live and the trails. Also, Kendall likes to take pictures of everything as much as I do! Yay!

When I sat down to prepare a song for 100 days of ukulele, one that has something to do with St. Patrick’s Day, I looked at all my cool rocks, many of them painted rocks. I remembered how one year on St Patrick’s Day, I found several painted rocks. I meant to either put some back or maybe give some away but noooo! I kept them all because I really liked them and they sat in front of my computer monitor where I could see them. Oh my gosh! I’m a painted rock hoarder! The crazy lady with all the painted rocks! So now I only occasionally keep a painted rock, like the one I found up on the trail with the word Smile painted on it. I figured I’d need that because that was right before my surgery.

I played and sang my song about poor Molly Malone in Dublin’s fair city and decided that somehow it was okay that I possessed my painted rocks. Oh, and I found a small bottle of fireball whisky in my drawer while searching for my shamrock necklace. I have no idea where it came from or why I had it. Or how long. Didn’t find the shamrock necklace, but I found a green necklace my mom used to wear. It’s costume jewelry but beautiful nonetheless. And it reminded me of my Irish mom.

Turned out to be a good day.

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