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Return from Winthrop
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We left Penny’s cabin about 10:00 AM, a sane time for leaving. After having a veggie omelet and coffee we spotlessly cleaned and spruced the place up. Penny stopped by about 9:30 to check on our health and well-being. She had on her signature tawny hat and Tony Llama boots. Some sort of snakeskin I believe.
We thanked her for letting us stay in her cabin and she gave us a few bags of dehydrated veggies to take home. We thanked her again.
The gas station was now open and we filled the tank of the 69 Bug. How did we fit all of our shit in that little car? I don’t know.
We headed out on to the North Cascades Highway , it was a clear, sunny day. The mountains were gorgeous.
Jimmy was sitting next to me, rolling handmade cigarettes with Drum tobacco. After our ordeal, we decided to start smoking again. We purchased Drum, a hand roller and cigarette papers at the General Store. Also we picked up a six-pack of Rainier for the journey.
The V-dub labored up the grade to the summit.

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