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The year was 1969, the place was Edzell, Scotland. We were stationed at a U.S. Navy Communications facility in the remote area north of Dundee, Scotland. RAF Edzell was an old RAF base which was used to train pilots and test aircraft during WW II.
This was during the Vietnam era and most of the Naval Personnel had been drafted into the service and then by a stroke of luck were fighting the “cold war” in Europe. Personally I was tracking Russian submarines which were loaded with nuclear weapons capable of destroying the entire world. They would occasionally send a short burst transmission and we would intercept it, analyze it and with two intercepts locate the submarine.
It sounds somewhat interesting but in reality was not.
This was also the “sixties” and we spent a fair amount of time smoking hash and listening to “psychedelic” music. We were 100 miles north of Edinburgh and would go there to score hash and listen to some of our favorite music groups: Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac to name a few.
As it would happen, we were investigated by the Office of Naval Intelligence and of course we could name some names.

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