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I’ll just go ahead and admit that this prompt response is indeed a response -a rant, if you will- to my fear that I may have been partnered this week with a person I may not hear from. I was partnered with her last week as well, but was switched almost immediately to another partner who is impeccable and engaging in her Creative Caffeine habits, so I had a marvelous week of writing to and from this substitute partner.
I felt so glad.
Glad because Creative Caffeine is always better when partners feed off and into each other……so I had a very useful, fun week in Creative Caffeine.
I usually do.

But now, the “bad penny” partner is once again assigned to me, ( and I hasten to add, I only am led to suspect I’ll not hear from her by her bio, that tells me she’d not written anything last week, or the week before…maybe she has a good reason for not writing, not engaging, and I have compassion for all “I don’t feel like writing” excuses, having had plenty in my own life as well)….but even in my compassion, I feel sad and disappointed and a bit angry.

As childish as it seems, my little girl voice is whining “Why doesn’t she want

to play with me.” And like a child, I pout. Add that to the feelings of

disappointment and the lowering of my writing spirit, and …well….you have this response from me right here, right now.

Writers speak a common language, and the summary statement of that language, the banner flying for all to see, if you will, is I WANT TO WRITE, I NEED TO WRITE, I THEREFORE WILL WRITE!!!!

Writers join things like writing groups, workshops and online apps like Creative Caffeine because they fly that banner.

We join together, so we can find peace and inspiration in writing alone.

Creative Caffeine is a perfect place for writers who want to see, read, be seen and be read….we all speak that common language here.
I can only assume my “this weeks” partner wishes to speak in our common tongue, to join in the conversation that only writers engage in, threaded through with the desire, the NEED TO WRITE AND BE READ BY OTHERS.
Or else why would she have joined CC?

I truly do hope I’m wrong, and that I will hear from her.
In fact, ever the optimist, I yearn to read what she has to say, and live in the hope that she wishes to share what she has to say with me….her playmate for the week, her compatriot in the battle for words, her partner in language.
It’s like waiting for the phone to ring, as you hope it’s that guy you went out with last week, and who seemed interested, seemed like he might be a good kisser.

So, partner, let’s dance.
Let’s hug.
Let’s share our common language.
I welcome your words.

Update at weeks end: Never heard from her at all.


Goodness, Ev. Could we have shared the same partners? I had two in a row myself. What is it with the silence at one end?


Thanks for writing this!! I too have been subject to silence for weeks in a row. Why don’t people write and take time to respond? Creative Caffeine is such a gift to all of us—thank you, Janis.


Love this! Unfortunately, I can relate. When a partner as engaged and encouraging as you are can’t rustle up a response, we have a problem, Houston.

…aaand, I’ve had another total no-show this week too!……ugh.

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