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We walked into the movie theatre after the long drive from Newberg, Oregon to Tacoma, Washington.
I picked her up at a residential alcohol treatment center called Hazelden Springbrook.
I t was designed for professional people and was run by the best doctors and therapists.
It was supposed to work where others had failed. It cost a lot of money.
Unfortunately, I was already done. My vow was to take her to this “Cadillac” treatment center and then I was out of there. I had no more energy and I had already met someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
The movie was French or Spanish with subtitles. It was about a young man who dove into the Mediterranean and suffered a horrible neck injury which left him paralyzed.
It was extremely depressing and moving. I began crying shortly into the movie. I did it quietly, no one else knew I was crying, nonetheless, it went on for over an hour. For someone who does not usually cry it was disturbing.
I was mourning the loss of a love and marriage and family which would soon be gone.

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