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Telling a lie
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She wasn’t supposed to lie. She knew that. An entire childhood of Sunday School, plus that stint with the Buddhist should have shown her that. The Buddhist. She wondered what ever became of him? Did he let his new girlfriend eat a steak every now and then?

But back to the lie. The thing she wasn’t supposed to do. Just like she wasn’t supposed to take the entire night’s tips–for the entire wait staff–and shove it in her backpack, zipping it into one of those semi-hidden pockets you forget are there until you can’t find whatever it was you put in them. Oh yes, and probably, she wasn’t supposed to steal her roommate’s car. Well, not probably.

And here’s the thing, Maeve had no freaking idea where she was headed. Except that she wanted it to be as far from Tuscan as she could push this beater car–if you looked at it the right way, she was doing Claire a favor taking the VW. Now, her mother will have to buy her that Tesla she couldn’t stop going on about. Telling everybody who’d listen how it was immoral–immoral?!–to drive anything that used fossil fuel. Calling it fossil fuel instead of gas, like a regular person. Maybe Maeve should have fixed Claire up with the Buddhist before she stole her car and left town.


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