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The flip side
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She calls me when she’s turning an idea over and wants input. My input is not necessarily that of a subject expert, but mine is simmered in experience. She’s knows I’ll be honest. She writes an email when she wants actual editing on something. And she texts when it’s happening right now. That’s how I found out this time.

“Mom, I have a random question. I texted Savannah to ask her to see a film with me this weekend,” she texted

“Sounds good,” I replied.

“But it was the other Savannah, the actor I used in my film, who texted back yes! I had used smiley emojis and everything. I’m so embarrassed. What should I do?”

“I think go to the film with her. You said you loved directing her, right?”

“Sure, but I meant to text Savannah my college classmate. The actor suggests a theater near her.”

“The actor doesn’t know your mistake, and you can still go together.”

“Maybe I should suggest a different time and theater?”

“I say go with the flow and go to the one she suggests.”

I didn’t hear back until a couple of days later.

“I felt a little awkward at first, but then we had a great conversation and both liked the film,” she texted. “Thanks for encouraging me to go with her.”

That was years ago, and the actor has been in plays my daughter has seen, and they have attended political events and dinner parties together. They’re not best friends, but they’re friends, the flip side of texting the other Savannah. Last weekend I asked my daughter what she was doing on Sunday.

“I’ll walk in the morning, do my laundry, and later I’m watching the Oscars with Savannah.” They’re still friends.

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