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The inhabitants of the past
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The inhabitants of the past reside in my freezer. The are in the shake of an eight legged octopus crammed in a small container taking up half of my freezer space. They don’t bother me on a day to day, but I haven’t found the courage or will to dispose of this corpse.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve thought through a few different ways to get rid of the body (and a few of them are not legal). I’ve even talked to doctors, spiritual healers, friends, and still the days run through my fingers and this dead spirit that silently waits in the freezer for its timely end on this earth….

I guess one could have worst roommates. At least I don’t have to say hi to this one every morning as I open the door to grab my frozen fruit to make my protein smoothie.

I’m not resentful towards it for taking real estate that could be used for other frozen things. I don’t cook enough to care, and even if I did, I’ve never learned how to properly freeze things. So it seems appropriate to share my freezer with this creature from my past.

At one point the octopus evoked dread, hope, unfulfilled dreams, and so many memories. And now, it’s a thing I just don’t know how to get rid of. Tossing it to the trash seems crass, tossing it down the toilet may backfire on me (ew), and tossing it into the ocean seems appropriate, but requires too much coordination.

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