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The one thing I would change about myself
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The one thing I would change about myself

First, I’d stop shaving my legs. Dunno if I’d give up shaving my armpits though, on second thought, I kinda like the way they look all smooth, my legs especially, my DNA keeps them gams glistening when the face and neck belie my age. Scratch that. Let’s start again.

First, I would be less conflict averse, I would correct wrongs as soon as I saw them. Second, I would practice kindness. Or the former first the latter second, or the other way around. I would be more decisive when deciding what I would change about myself.

Third, I would make it popular to spend time chat-sulting internet trolls.

Fourth, I would call out unqualified leaders grasping at straws to place blame on any hapless victims to escape the weight of their own inadequacies.

Fifth, I would harness outrage, and channel it to good works.

Sixth, I would temper my writings with humor, less shouting, more compassion.

Seventh, I would pick one of the six things. And change it.

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