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The Road
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The Road is America – America, the Road. Bikers in blue jeans, techies in Teslas, boomers in Airstreams, kids in car Seats, are on the Road, going somewhere in the Land Made for You and Me.

Going somewhere, through fog and forests, down ribbons of highway, across diamond deserts to the endless skyways and Gulf Stream waters. The Road is the American Dream, spiriting them toward the lodestar of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Road marched soldiers South to liberate slaves, ferried pioneers West to land and prosperity, drove Negroes North to jobs and women to march for all persons to equally partake of the fruits of Liberty.

America is road weary: Slavery has become serfdom; land has been been gobbled up, jobs went overseas and the fruits of Liberty lay rotting putrid in corruption and brutality. In these desperate times, young and old of all colors, genders and backgrounds march along the low-down, worn-down, beaten-down Road to reclaim the Dream, somewhere in the Land Made for You and Me.


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