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The summer solstice in Kelseyville, California
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As the solstice sun began to set, we all rode to Kelseyville for pizza and live music on the street. A zydeco band played and I remembered how much my friend Diane loves to dance to zydeco music! My favorite song they played was Three Little Birds! Like my three not so little grandkids… ! The pizza was yummy and jeremy and I walked to the liquor store close by for drinks cuz they’re cheaper there.

And yes, liquor stores in California are like Dari Marts or Seven 11’s anywhere else! People in Oregon used to look at me funny funny when I mentioned going to the liquor store to buy milk or something. But that’s what you do in California. We bought an Arizona iced tea for Jeremiah, blue gatorades for the little ones, a coke and ginger ale and one rock star zero energy drink. Don’t judge me!

We ate outside at a picnic table in the shade. This was after the little ones ran around and had fun with the music playing.

As we headed back to the cabin, me, my son Ericha and his forever fiancé Erika, and my three grandkids, we saw part of a beautiful sunset and the almost full moon rise! Erika slowed down a couple of times so I could get some pictures. And she also got some as well.

Then as the sun set amid the trees, I stood outside the cabin and watched the daylight slowly dissolve. It was magical.

This was after our movie adventure! Inside Out 2 was a fabulous movie! As good as the first movie but now with added emotions because of Puberty!! And yes, a bunch of other folks showed up before the movie started. We were just early. And Jeremiah did sit with us when the movie began. He’s almost 13. He’s a really cool kid but is destined to go through it.

When the red alarm went off in the control room for the emotions and the red warning light appeared that said Puberty!! I laughed way too hard. So hard I couldn’t stop for a few moments. And my thoughts? Oh here comes the roller coaster ride and all those other rides you were afraid to try. And then some. But I won’t give out any spoilers! Enough said.

After the movie we stopped at Kelseyville Park. Weird that I had not been to this park. I just know the library park in Lakeport, which is also very nice. Lovely park right by clear lake. We had a fabulous time! We saw osprey in their nest and Canada geese.

I feel as if my time with the grandkids is so short. Every time I see them, they’ve changed and grown. I know this is a good thing, but the time seems to fly by and before you know it, they’re grown. I need to treasure each moment I do have with them. I love them so much. Charlotte is six now and can read. Isaak is five and just finished kindergarten in a Spanish English immersion program. He knows quite a bit of Spanish but does not display his knowledge daily.,. Just sometimes. My Jeremiah is almost 13. Where does the time go? I thought this when my kids were growing up and now again…

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