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The Zoom Christmas!
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I got up at 7am which is unheard of for me these days and zoomed with my grandkids and some of my kids! It was total chaos and fun with the little ones opening their gifts and getting all excited. Charlotte accidentally dropping her colorful beads everywhere.. who gives a three-year-old hundreds of beads for Xmas? Everyone talking loudly and practically having to yell to be heard. Erika feels great now and everyone tested negative for covid!! Erika’s parents joined in too cuz they were all in quarantine. Even my grandkids were separated so this was a way we could all be together for Christmas morning. Older daughter Melissa joined in and showed off her perfectly decorated apartment… with various themes. She had a Nightmare before Christmas theme, Charlie Brown Christmas theme and just Christmas… I was reminded of how much like my mother Melissa is.

Then I got out my ukulele and played some holiday songs and my son Jeremy got his guitar out to play happy Christmas with me. Our fave. He had to bring out two guitars so little scrunch could hold one. That guitar was bigger than him, but still he held on. That kid needs a ukulele! Grandma Mary will take care of that! Yay! Then we all got the good news that everyone in both families have tested negative for Covid, yayyy! No one is sick anymore either. What a blessing.

Yes, I was super tired after the four-hour Zoom gathering, but it was soooo worth it! It made me feel like I was with my family for real in spite of all the quarantines and such. Savoy and I went over to his Mom’s house, and the three of us had a mellow Christmas. Savoy cooked a wonderful meal for us. And we got to watch Hallmark Holiday movies, which I love (but no one else really does).

Today I go back to walking in the woods again, hopefully with at least a tiny bit of sunlight… There are still a few cards for me to send out, but the big rush is over…

And so happy Christmas, we hope you had fun, the near and the dear ones, the old and the young.

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