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There is a better way
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I wake up already with a sense of foreboding. Thousands have been killed in the matter of days, slaughtered actually. They wanted justice. My heart races just thinking of the innocent, the wronged, the misinformed at the mercy of the vengeful. All sides can make valid points, but look at the result. Eisenhower had warned us. The military-industrial complex is one to reckon with–greed-driven, indifferent to lost lives.
There has to be a better way–our hearts, our bodies, our souls, our home cannot survive the old ways. Hark! Is it perhaps time for women led movements to take over leadership? Is it time for life, cooperation and coexistance to guid the way! I encourage oxygen to make it deep into my lungs! There is hope! The first woman led movement of our life time is beckoning the rest of the world to support it. We should support it and all other women led movemets for Woman, Life, Freedom! Now, I can exhale!


Very heartfelt and touching, Jaleh. Thank you for posting.

Thanks Paul

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