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To everyone who loves me
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To everyone who loves me
Please know that I love you, too

Understand that although we may not speak for years
Notes going unanswered
Good deeds going unsung

You are here in my heart
I think of you
I want only the best for you
And all the best
Even the secret, sloppy, gooey, selfish, indulgent best for you

Know that when I hear that song
Smell that bread
See that sky
Sip that wine

I am thinking of you
I love you

I remember you
I treasure you
I hope for you
I bless you in whatever way each of that holds that word

Your love for me
Means more than you can possibly understand
It reaches into dark places
It soothes the scratches and burns
It buoys me in stormy times
It comforts me.
It heals.

And whether or not we ever meet again
Please know that parts of me, the best parts of me, are with you as you walk through your days,
And the best of you is always with me.

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