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To honor hunger
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I am not belittling the fact that 9 million people die of hunger every year, an astounding number given that it is completely preventable. Truly if the political will existed most of our problems would be solved. However, isn’t there a place and time to honor hunger as well.

Think about our leaders who have never experienced hunger, President Donald Trump and President George W Bush, versus presidents Clinton, Obama and Biden. Could those presidents, who never knew about the plight of the common man, have been empathic leaders? Of course, there were other factors, and I am not saying that all rich people are heartless, malicious souls, but think about it. There is something to be said about watching your parents work hard and sacrifice to get food on your table, and ensure adequate health care and education so you can succeed in life and there is something to be said about cutting back on your own needs to make sure your siblings or parents get what they need. It builds character and empathy.

Presidents Bush and Trump had no clue about the needs of the people they governed and it will be decades before the world, if ever, can recover from their leadership. I am not saying to stop helping society overcome hunger, but do tell those who are struggling with hunger that they are on their way to becoming great leaders.

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