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US of A
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Yup, there’s nothing like the US, the United States – US of A.
We have an inevitable endemic brewing from a pandemic, secondary to a need to preserve so-called personal freedoms, which really means, I can do whatever the hell I want, whenever and wherever I choose. Don’t mess with me cuz I have rights and I’m gonna assert and exert my freedom to express my rights! To hell with whatever you believe, think, feel, see, hear, whatEVER!
If you believe in science and NPR, you might have one set of beliefs. On the other hand, totally different beliefs and views of the world vomit out of Fox News and the GOP.
Was January 6th a demonstration of freedom? Or was it a horrid, lethal display of freedom at its’ absolute worst, led by and run amok by that sitting, orange-faced power monger who lives in lies? Stolen election? He was the one making the extraordinary effort to ravage the truth, according to legal experts who combed through every single lawsuit, and attended polling areas throughout the good ole US. There are so many who still believe the trumpster won, and that in fact Joe stole it. Go figure.
The good ole us of a – a laughingstock now of the world with high level misinformation from s0- called intelligence, aka the secret service destroying the exit strategy in Afghanistan. Of course it was going to be messy, yet this mess is reminiscent of Viet Nam with atrocities such as a 2-year old trampled to death at Kabul airport, a baby passed over a barbed-wire fence to freedom, beaten women, missed or no flights out, for hours.
China is laughing out loud by this point. When I visited Hong Kong, when it was still somewhat free, but not really, in 2015, many people frequently wore mask coverings if and when they felt they were ill, in order to protect others. Is that even imaginable here in the US?
Yet, one city block from where I stayed in 2015, in the bustling Causeway Bay neighborhood of Hong Kong, five booksellers “disappeared” mysteriously, only to reappear months later in custody on mainland China. It was weird to walk the same streets where these people were whisked away – kidnapped by their government for selling books denouncing communist China.
So there we have it – God bless US! God Bless America!

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