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The canoe rental place was by the Mohawk River in Rexford, New York.
Cliff had such Chutzpah, I couldn’t believe it. When the guy said, “Where are you taking these canoes?”
Cliff replied, “Just to some local lakes in the southern Adirondacks, not far.”
Little did he know we were going up to Canada and would be gone a week on a hundred mile canoe trip with numerous portages. I just deferred to Cliff, that’s what you did with him.
We were two sets of brothers, my brother Jim and I and Cliff and his twin brother Steve.

The boys’ father was a Holocaust survivor and their mom was a teacher and writer of mostly young adult fiction. She was absolutely gorgeous. In her presence I could be knocked over with a feather.

Cliff and I were in the kitchen of his parents’ house. It was an upper middle class suburban home.
We were “moisturizing” six kilo bricks of high grade marijuana from Mexico. This would increase our profit immeasurably. At the time Cliff was going to the University of Michigan and had some connections there.
He developed those connections rather than becoming connected in the mechanical engineering program he was enrolled in.

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