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Today I had an amazing adventure. I’m so glad I brought my mask and water for the walk today. It was 70 degrees which is not normal for this time of year here. And of course many people come out to play, some with cute doggies I got to meet as well. For Three days in a row I got to wear shorts again! The cooler rainy weather returns soon. I think I saw a snowflake next to a raindrop in one weather report.

The walk began just as it usually does and Savoy walked with me part of the way. I decided to walk the loop around again and then go on the secret magical trail. For the first time since I’ve been walking down to the creek and around there was a mom with her two year old daughter by the creek. They were having an adventure the little girl told me. The mom said the trail was known to them as the salamander trail.. apparently there are salamanders but I’ve never seen one. I told them about how I brought my grandson to the trail and special magical spot and he loved it so much I got to take him a second time before they left. I was happy to see them there and i missed my grandkids so much at that moment.

Then I decided to hike up into the woods at the end of Amazon Drive on trails I’ve never walked before. I’d only been on the one part of the trail which travels uphill for a while. Then flattened out and there was amazon creek! I saw a lady hugging a tree by the creek. She looked like she was in a trance so I didn’t bother her.

I kept going til I got to a fork. I could go left or forward. But I wasn’t keen on climbing over the fallen tree. A nice lady with a big furry dog walked by and I asked her which trail to take. She said the trail to the left was best and would lead me around, so I followed her and her dog for a while until she abruptly turned around and started walking back. She said her dog and other Lady’s dog who was coming our way had personality conflicts. I didn’t question it. So I was on my own. The hardest part of the trail was the steep downhill grade that seemed to go on forever. Going downhill like that is way harder for me than uphill. Sometimes the rocks slipped when I put my foot down. I had to make it or I’d be done for. I stopped at one point and felt like I was on top of the world looking out on to tips of trees. I took my mask off since no one was around and breathed in the fresh smell of evergreen and pine and something else.

Somehow I made it down. My knees ached and my shoulders tensed up. But now it was free sailing except I really had no idea where I was exactly. Then I hit another fork. I could go straight, turn right or turn left. Great. I could be lost for days up here forever walking the trails. I could just retrace my steps and go back where I came from but climbing that huge hill did not appeal to me. I finally decided to turn left. Left is always a good way to go when all else fails!

The trail turned into a gorgeous woodsy wonderland complete with a wooden bridge. Then suddenly the trail spilled out on Martin street near amazon drive!! Whew! I made it out! Good thing I turned left. Home free. I shuddered at the thought of where I’d end up if I had chosen the wrong trail. But I chose to go left. And that was definitely the way to go.

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