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Wanting Nothing
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I wanted nothing of you. OK, maybe that’s not true. I wanted nothing from your beliefs, your rules, and your guidance. None of what you said rang true! None! Yet, you wanted me to believe them or at least abide by the rules. What you don’t understand is that your vengeful voice rings hollow in my ears and that your pathetic Ghaba and Amameh, so far away from a “merciful God”, wants to make me vomit.

Who are these disciples who follow you to the end of the earth, raping, beating, blinding, poisoning, killing in the name of God? Have they lost their senses? Don’t the color of blood, the wail of mothers, the sound of broken bones, the smell of filthy prisons and the taste of lies bother them anymore? I know they don’t bother you. As a matter of fact, there is blood lust that gives you a fake feeling of power, which you revel in.

Your days are numbered. All I want from you is to pay for the countless crimes you have committed in the people’s court, then you’ll have to face your God, which unfortunately is far from mericful. Your days are numbered.

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