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We Are All Dreamers
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Who was it that said, “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars?”
I guess that’s another way of expressing the concept of being dreamers – although in that case, the observation is qualified by the “some of us” and not “all.
The hardest part of being in the gutter is to have our Supreme Court in charge of getting us out of it. We do dream on. We keep hoping cases will go to trial, that the very obvious (to most of us) offenses will be punished quickly and efficiently.
I was glued to my TV, to MSNBC, most of the day, at first following the Supreme Court debating a situation that was too stupid to be debated, and then following the scandal in the New York Case. It was pretty fascinating, all of it.
In the first case, nothing was decided. Should a president have immunity over anything he does while in office? The justices, too many of them, are evaluating that issue over one man: should Donald Trump have immunity over everything he has done? They are trying to decide whether it’s a “public issue” or a “private matter” and whether he has absolute freedom over his private matters—I guess meaning a private murder? They—the justices—are offensively stupid. Or partisan. The Trump lawyers are like snakes—one even talks with a hiss.
And, besides: suppose Trump dies today and they are still deciding that case? Would Trump’s demise change their outlook? Their decision? Do they understand the enormity of their decision, of its effect over the next years?
Okay, that segment ended fairly early in my California day, and so I turned my attention to the case in New York, of paying off Stormy Daniels so the scandal wouldn’t cloud Trump’s election. Election interference, the case says. Everything he does and has done is election interference. He’s still interfering. That case was sort of interesting because of David Pecker’s testimony that he, DP, was not a “bank” and he would not pay Stormy Daniels, necessitating the need for Michael Cohen to pay, necessitating the need for Michael Cohen to take out a Home Equity Loan to get the money.
It’s like an absurd movie.
We can’t count on anything happening. We are all dreamers that way. What will the Supreme Court rule? Will Trump be found in the other court (presumably a “criminal” one, although I’m not clear on the fact that it’s not all criminal), the New York court, to be guilty? And then. . . so what if he is?
We dream that he’ll be handcuffed, a la OJ Simpson, and led off in a orange suit. That will never happen.
We indeed are all dreamers to think that government is actually functioning.


What a wonderful commentary on the craziness unfolding in our country. I love the last line – so true, but we keep on hoping that it will be so.

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