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We had been children together
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The things that are true about my sister:
She was quiet and timid growing up. I was gregarious and outgoing.
She is better at coloring than I will ever be, even though I’m the artistic one of the two.
She was my first roommate, my best friend, my first teacher.
She was put in a position to act as my mother too often. This was not her fault.
Everyone thinks we look alike. I think they are wrong – we have different skin tones (hers is lighter), different noses (hers is bigger), different hair types (hers is frizzy).
She hates the sign of blood, but is now a surgeon.
She was afraid of my dad when he got violent. I used to step in to make sure she wouldn’t get hit.
I stole her ID, her cool clothes, and her cool earrings to go to bars while in high school.
She wraps presents with such precision, and includes notes with the best penmanship. It hurts to open her presents up

How I feel about my sister:
She has everything I didn’t know I wanted.
She left me behind.
She makes her own life harder.
She is one of the saddest people I know.

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