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We went the other way
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I remember as a young adult watching a series on climate change on PBS in the 1980s, and believing that the people in charge would heed to science. The filmmakers had shown the effects of greenhouse gases, and correctly predicted the environmental catastrophes that we have been watching unfold in the past few years. Unfortunately, they incorrectly predicted that the world leaders would realize their mistakes by year 2000 and unite to rectify the situation. As we all know, our society chose to go the other way. The 2000 presidential election of the United States, instead, allowed corporate and individual greed to win over a presidential candidate who had concrete solutions against climate change. That same greed has cascaded into a free fall for not only the responsible parties, but for all living organisms on earth. Unfortunately, our educational system, our courts, our political system, and our media are heavily influenced by the idea of the individual’s right to infinite acquisition of material goods that it seems unlikely for our planet to survive. Perhaps, when a considerable number of individual people’s belongings have been personally affected we will see our society take a look back at what has been obvious for at least 40 years.

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