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When I returned to college, after four years in the Navy, thanks to Vietnam, I became a monk of sorts.
I was devoted to my studies and the only other things I did was work in the Science Building as a night watchman and play “pick-up” basketball in the old gym.
My “girlfriend ” was on the west coast and I was in the middle of Missouri. We played basketball where Winston Churchill gave the “iron curtain speech” in 1946.
The president of the college had some connections to Harry Truman and was able to get Churchill(in between Prime Minister duties). He lost the election after the war, strangely enough.
We were a fraternity of basketballers, those of us who met in the afternoon on the court. We were addicted to the dribble drive and posed jump shot. We couldn’t get enough. I lost all of my body fat and sweated my ass off every afternoon.
I sat in the old metal whirlpool bath, nearly electrocuting myself one day when the thing shorted out.
That would have been something.
When I first went to college it was all male. When I returned ten years later, it was co-ed.
When it was all male we had to swim naked in the pool. Don’t ask me why, something about hygiene.
When I walked into the pool naked and looked up to see young men and women, it was bad.
They thought I was really a “sick fuck” and of course wouldn’t believe the story about swimming naked.

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