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What I want most of all
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What I want most of all is no money worries. That is why immortality was so attractive. Well, it’s partial immortality because you know, vampires can be killed, it’s just really hard. I’ll tell you what’s supernatural – compound interest – that’s supernatural. It does no good owning a castle – yeesh the upkeep alone will wipe out the returns. Land rich and cash poor is so limiting. I could wear nothing but tailor made clothing, because my measurements would never change – and just re-order from the same place from time to time. How cool would that be – to pick out my own fabrics, my own Lauren Bacallesque style, in linen or a blend. I suppose I would miss the sunrise – dunno if creatures of the night fall unconscious before, after or during the sunrise. For most of my life, I stay up for it if I am going to see it at all. Night owl lifestyle suits me.

Let’s see, I’d have to change my identity every 40 years or so. Not a lifetime, because as a vampire, I wouldn’t age. That’s easy these days. At least as far as procuring material goods. A handful of gmail accounts and you’re good to go. Colored contact lenses and alternating hair colors will fool most people. They remember a limp, or generously applied eyeliner. Think about it – how many people would have recognized Amy Winehouse with no makeup? I do not currently know anyone that makes fake IDs, but with plenty of time, I could find them. Of course, I would be dealing in digital currency – untraceable. Might as well set up an Etherium account now in case it beats out Bitcoin. If I’m turned by an older vampire – I’m thinking 200 years minimum, they probably have a bunch of these details figured out. And they probably don’t know as much as I do about software and the dark web, and vacation rentals and investing so the dividends just pile on top of each other for decades. Man, I hope Gerard Belami’s the one, because even though he’s super pale, he’s super hot.


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