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You will leave me behind
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You will leave me behind. A trail of events that happens over and over, no matter what office building, virtual setting you drop me into. You, Male (likely also white, straight) will leave me behind. You will get promoted 2x in the time I struggle to get my name noticed in the race. You will exhaust me with your incapacity to perform your basic job functions. You will reap the rewards, claim the victory of my sweat and tears, and you will strut around stating facts that I scripted for you.

I, in the background, no matter how loud I scream. Actually, the fact that I scream will be noted on my record as a negative. So I don’t scream, I keep my tone low alto, level, less the Males react and start huffing and puffing and criticizing me for being a woman. Yes, you have the audacity to leverage my biology to remind me of my limitations. When, in fact, the limitations you mention are figments of your imagination that you have superimposed into the fabric of my life.

You can argue with me that they are all isolated instances, that, it’s indicative of not of the reality, but of my own experience.

My knee jerk reaction will be to say: “Fuck you, fuck you for calling me Hysterical”. Oh you layered in political correct terms, but what you are saying is “change yourself, and you too can succeed”.

My professional reaction will be to tilt my head and say: “that’s an interesting perspective”. And walk away.

See, perfection is demanded of me to survive, while your basic presence is the only thing that’s required for you to thrive. Your presence and some lame sport analogy.

I never got into sports, but, perhaps if I learn about football (American Football), I too can enter into a room and get hired, applauded and promoted without lifting a finger.

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